Floating potted plants

You can add a sense of wonder and magic to your home with a stunning floating planter. These attractive pieces will enhance any room and display indoor plants beautifully.

These floating planters add a fascinating display to homes, offices or waiting rooms. They will float in the air and display your favorite small plants and succulents.

There are some beautiful designs of these innovative floating plant display pieces. And many are available for you to buy online. We have detailed ours Top 7 picks of the best floating houseplants available today.

What is a floating houseplant?

A floating potted plant is a fascinating product for any room. These floating potted plants float above an attractive magnetic base. You will find that your indoor plants get the best effect with this magical potted plant. They will even maintain a stable rotation and you will experience the plant from all angles. The plant will also get the sunshine from all angles.

The classic designs available will fit right in with the current Nordic design trend. But we can see these fantastic shapes and colors fitting into any room, regardless of decor or function.

These beautiful decorative pieces can highlight your home in a whole new way. They would also make the perfect gift for any plant lover or a friend or family member. If you're looking for an indoor potted plant, we can't think of a better type of potted plant to buy!

Floating potted plants

How does a floating potted plant work?

Although these floating houseplants may look so modern and high-tech, the secret to their levitation is magnets!

The potted plants use a clever method for the floating effect. These have magnetic poles that turn and push against each other. The space between the two magnets is where the levitation effect takes place.

This is one of them most popular floating plant pots on Flowlow . The eye-catching angular design adds a modern element to this floating decoration. And it will fit well into a modern or minimalist decorative scheme.

You can care for small indoor plants, succulents and bonsai trees in this magnificent design. Or you can choose an artificial plant to provide beauty without having to water anything! the potted plant can support a weight of 300g while rotating and floating.

The strong, angular design could sit well in a more masculine room. Or could fit in with sparse office decor. The model is available in the colors black, marble or white .

Bestseller potted plants


This is the perfect gift for someone starting a new job to place on their desk or windowsill in their office. It will provide a fascinating and attractive improvement to their workplace. And is a permanent reminder of your gift and love.

This piece would also sit comfortably in a meditation or yoga room. The calming effect of the quiet, steady rotation will give a feeling of peace, wonder and nature.

Best selling potted plants



Magnetic Levitating Potted Plant

This charming piece is new on the market. This is a great choice if you are looking for a tastefully designed floating plant pot. This piece gives off a sense of gentle, relaxed elegance. And is a good choice if you didn't like the choice described above.

This beautiful planter will fit into a wide range of decor schemes. It matches a range of interiors from Nordic design to Country Core to modern minimalism. This attractive design can enhance a wide range of spaces. It will fit into bedrooms, hallways, lounges, bathrooms, offices and meditation rooms.

The pure, hexagonal white potted plant contrasts with the supportive warm wooden floor below. This design is popular among those who lean towards a minimalist aesthetic.

The beautiful pot will flow steadily while supporting a variety of small plants. The pot can be gently rotated so that every part of the plant sees the sunlight. This will mean you end up with more straighter, taller and healthier plants!

This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a gift for a plant lover. Or if you want to buy a pair of fantastically designed floating planters to enhance the beauty of your own home.


Best selling potted plants


Another model to consider is the Floating Airplant2 , which will fit well on a desk or sideboard. The pot's hexagonal white design and the light wooden base is classic and elegant . These eye-catching elements draw your attention as you admire the floating potted plant.

This is a great pot to display smaller plants such as bonsai or succulents. We see this as the perfect gift for a fan of indoor plants, minimalist design.

Brighten up your work or living space with some beautiful floating greens. Or gift this beautiful plant display to a like-minded friend.

The potted plant floats gently above the slim, light wooden base. It will also rotate and expose all angles of your plant to sunshine. These floating designs are not only fun to look at, but will reduce the chance of misshapen plants. Your plants will not lean to one side against a light source.

It all takes just a few minutes to set up. You will immediately be fascinated by the magical effect of the levitation and the constant rotation. If you plan on placing this on your desk, make sure you still manage to get your work done!


Floating Rotating Potted Plant Pattern Design

For a more colorful design, consider this patterned potted plant . We can see that this beautiful pot with a different colored design is a wonderful gift to a teenage girl. She can display it on her bedroom window with a beautiful flower or succulent!

The colorful, bright design of the angular pot has a dark wood that looks dull. This dark color accentuates the liveliness above.

This floating device is a wonderful choice if you are a fan of more involved colorful designs. And if you are looking for a vibrant and fascinating way to show off your indoor plants at their best.

This potted plant gently rotates 360 degrees and floats silently. You can enjoy the hypnotic movement that will both calm and fascinate you.

Guests in your home are sure to compliment you on these eye-catching elements. And we are sure that this will work well as a beautiful and practical gift for your loved ones.



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