Explore the Cosmic Universe: Levitating Cosmos Lamp from Flowlow

Explore the Cosmic Universe: Levitating Cosmos Lamp from Flowlow
Step into a world of stars, planets, and astonishing cosmic formations with our latest technological masterpiece - FlowLow's Levitating Cosmos Lamp. This lamp is not just a lighting object; it's a visual triumph that brings the magic of the universe right into your home.

Embark on a Space Journey - From the Comfort of Your Sofa

Take a seat, relax, and enjoy an exciting journey into the unknown. With our Cosmos Lamp, you can experience levitating planets and stars in a way you never imagined. The magnetic levitation is not just a technological feat; it's an aesthetic masterpiece that will captivate anyone curious about the starry sky.

Technology and Aesthetics in Perfect Harmony

Our Cosmos Lamp combines impressive technological details with aesthetic appeal. The stylish walnut wood base creates a perfect contrast to the cosmic show unfolding above it. Detailed representations of the cosmos in the lamp's design add an extra dimension to your interior style.

Enhance the Atmosphere with Adjustable Lighting

Create the desired atmosphere in any room with three different brightness levels and adjustable color temperatures. Choose between white, warm white, and golden light, customizing the lighting to match your mood and occasion. The Cosmos Lamp is not just a lamp; it's a tailored mood creator.


Three different light modes
Base color: Walnut/Light oak
Material: ABS
Cosmos Diameter: 14 cm
Base Size: 134 x 134 x 28 mm
Package Size: Approx. 21.5 x 21.5 x 17.5 cm
Light Source Type: LED
Light Color: Adjustable between white, warm white, and yellow
Lamp Power: 3W
Levitation Distance: 15-20 mm
Certificates: ROHS and CE Marked
AC Input: 100-240V
Input Volt: 12V, 1A

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      Satisfaction Guarantee

      FlowLow stands behind the quality of our products. Therefore, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all purchases. If you are not satisfied with your Cosmos Lamp, you can return it for a full refund. It's our commitment to quality and your satisfaction.

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