Floating Planets from Flowlow

Floating Planet Lamps from Flowlow

Futuristic Lighting: Experience the Magnetic Magic of the Saturn Lamp

Welcome to Flowlow - Your destination for modern and innovative home lighting. We proudly present our Saturn Lamp, a true gem of futuristic technology and elegant design. Let's dive into what makes this lamp the perfect addition to your modern home. Read more


Flowlow - Cosmos Lamp

Experience the Beauty of the Universe: Magnetic Magic in Your Home

We are excited to present our Cosmos Lamp, a unique combination of futuristic technology and refined design. Explore how this lamp enchants your home with exceptional magnetic magic and brings the beauty of the universe closer. Read more

Flowlow - Floating Globe Lamp

Futuristic Lighting: Experience the Magnetic Magic

The Floating Globe Lamp, a masterpiece of futuristic technology and stylish design. Get ready to explore how this unique lamp transforms your home with magnetic magic. Read more

Flowlow - 3D Floating Mars Lamp

Mystery of Mars: See the Floating Planet Lamp

Step into a world of fascination with our 3D Floating Mars Lamp from Flowlow. Experience the red planet's magnetic allure and illuminate your space in a unique way. Discover how this lamp creates an inspiring universe in your modern home. Read more

Flowlow - Floating Star-Light Lamp

Starry: Create an Astronomical Atmosphere with Constellation Overview - An amazing Lamp!

Give your home a touch of the constellation's brilliance with the Floating Star-Light Lamp from Flowlow. This lamp is created with a focus on the constellation. Explore Star-Light and get an overview of the constellation. Read more


Flowlow - Floating Jupiter Lamp

Explore the Beauty of Jupiter

Embark on a journey to outer space with our Floating Jupiter Lamp from Flowlow. This lamp brings Jupiter's majestic beauty into your home with a perfect blend of technology and design. Discover how this lamp creates an atmosphere of elegance and mystery. Read more 

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