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Floating Elegance: Illuminate Your Plant from Every Angle with Flowlow's Plant Pot Covers

Floating plant pot covers from flowlow

Step into a new and magical world of plant care, where nature meets futuristic design with Flowlow's floating plant pot covers. These unique and innovative covers combine levitation technology with elegant aesthetics, ushering in a new era in indoor plant cultivation. In this post, we will explore some of the most popular floating plant pot covers from Flowlow and discover how they bring a new dimension to your plant decor.

Flowlow - Floating Plant Pot

Connect with nature and futuristic design in this unique plant pot.

Product Description:

Flowlow's floating plant pot opens the door to a revolutionary method of growing plants. It not only serves as an elegant decoration but also enhances the growth experience for your plants. With 360-degree daylight and a magical summer joy, your plants transform into living artworks. Let's delve into the specifications that make this plant pot a must-have for any plant enthusiast.

Load Capacity: 200g
Levitation Distance: 12-15 mm
Material: Light oak / Dark walnut ABS plastic
Pot Size: 9.6 cm in diameter, 4.6 cm high
AC Input: 100-240V, DC Output: 12V 1A

Size of the plant pot in cm and inch

How It Works:
The levitating technology in Flowlow's plant pot creates a unique visual experience of seeing the plant float in the air. This technology not only adds a futuristic touch but also ensures that your plant receives optimal light from all angles, promoting healthy growth and well-being.


Flowlow's floating plant pot covers are not just technological masterpieces but also elegant additions to your decor. Create a unique atmosphere in your home or office with these covers that combine nature and technology in a remarkable way. Give your plants the attention they deserve and let them float in elegant Flowlow plant pots. Visit the plant pot cover collection on our webshop to experience floating elegance in your plant decor.

Home/Office, Decoration, Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Mother's Day Gift

These floating plant pot covers from Flowlow are not only an elegant decoration for the home or office but also the perfect gift for any occasion. Create an atmosphere of magic and elegant vibes in any space or delight a loved one with this unique and futuristic gift idea.

Flowlow - Floating Italian Inspired Plant Pot

Dive into a world of classic Italian design and modernity with Flowlow's floating Italian-inspired plant pot. This exceptional pot combines geodesic form and elegant rotation in the air to provide your plants with not only optimal sunlight but also a touch of Italian refinement. Let's explore this visual experience that combines beauty and care in a new unique way.

Classic Italian design and modernity come together in this Italian-inspired plant pot.

Flowlow's floating Italian-inspired plant pot is a tribute to classic Italian design meeting modern innovation. The geodesic form not only creates a visual feast for the eyes but also ensures optimal sunlight and growth conditions for your plants. Let's explore the key features of this elegant plant pot

Create Italian Atmosphere

With this plant pot, bring a taste of Italy into your home. The sculptural elegance and rotation in the air not only provide your plants with the necessary care but also add a sense of Italian atmosphere to your surroundings.

How It Works

The floating technology in Flowlow's Italian-inspired plant pot creates a pleasant illusion that your plants are dancing in the air. The elegant rotation ensures that sunlight reaches all sides of the plant, promoting healthy and harmonious growth.


Flowlow's floating Italian-inspired plant pot is not just a container for your plants but an artistic addition to your home or office. With a combination of Italian elegance and modern innovation, this pot adds a sublime touch to your surroundings. See our collection to discover a new dimension of plant cultivation with Flowlow.


Flowlow - Floating Sustainable Plant Pot

Showcase your favorite plants in a breathtaking and environmentally friendly way.

Floating trending plant pot 2024

Product Description
This floating plant pot combines cutting-edge levitation technology with sustainable design. Create a stylish and eye-catching element in your home decor while optimizing your plants' sunlight absorption.

For those looking to transform their homes with elegance, precision, we introduce Flowlow's Floating Plant Pot. This is not just a plant pot; it is an invitation to turn your favorite plants into a centerpiece. Dive into a world of innovative plant cultivation and stylish decoration.

Floating Trending Plant Pot 2024:

Product Description:

Flowlow's floating plant pot is a sublime combination of avant-garde levitation technology and sustainable design. Imagine bringing the latest trend in modern home decor into your home while optimizing your favorite plants' sunlight absorption. This is not just a pot; it is a manifestation of your style and environmental consciousness.


Modern Home Decor:Create a unique statement in your home with this floating plant pot as an icon of modern elegance.
Home Decoration: Showcase your favorite plants as artworks and create an uplifting atmosphere.
Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Mother's Day Gift: Surprise and delight your loved ones with a gift that goes beyond expectations. A floating plant pot from Flowlow is not just a gift; it is an experience.

Final Words:

Flowlow's Floating Sustainable Plant Pot is not just a product; it is a work of art that transforms plant cultivation into a stylish and environmentally conscious experience. Don't hesitate to bring this luxurious and sustainable interior piece into your home. Create an environment where elegance meets responsibility. Experience the floating future with Flowlow.

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Flowlow - Floating Plant Pot Black/White

Top designer plant pot 2024Designer plant pot 2024

Innovation meets aesthetics in this elegant plant pot.


Product Description

Create a special summer atmosphere in your home with this innovative floating plant pot. The advanced levitation technology lifts your plants to new heights and creates a modern design detail.

Color: Black/White
Levitation Distance: 12-15 mm
Floating Weight: 0-200 g
Material: ABS-PLA
Pot Size: 95x50 mm
AC Input: 110-240V, DC Output: 15V 1A


    Modern Home Decor, Living Room Decoration, Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Mother's Day Gift

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    Flowlow - Floating Exotic Plant Pot

    Plant pot cover wood 2024 design

    Levitation technology meets exotic design to create an amazing way to display your plants. This plant pot cover is a combination of elegance and innovation that highlights your favorite plants in a unique way.

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    Color: Light oak
    Floating Weight: 0-200 g
    Levitation Distance: 12-15 mm
    Material: ABS-PLA
    Pot Size: 90x40 mm
    AC Input: 110-240V, DC Output: 12V 1A
    Modern Home Decor, Home Decoration, Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Mother's Day Gift

    Shipping and Delivery, and Satisfaction Guarantee
    Flowlow offers satisfaction guarantee on all products. You can try a product, and if you're not satisfied, you can get a refund within 101 days. Quality, elegance, and sustainability come together in these futuristic floating plant pot covers from Flowlow. Make your indoor garden a conversation piece with these unique pieces that take plant care to new heights.

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