Price guarantee

Price guarantee

At, we aim to secure you the cheapest and best prices on the market. That is why we now also offer a price guarantee that extends beyond the entire EU.

The price guarantee means that if you find a better price in Denmark - or the rest of the EU - we will match it here at Flowlow. If you buy an item on Flowlow and find the item cheaper in another online store in the EU that delivers to Denmark, you can get the difference refunded within 14 days. You just have to contact Flowlow customer service on our LiveChat (when it's open) or by e-mail - and we'll sort it out for you.

The goods you buy at include delivery - therefore we always match the price of the goods + delivery if this is charged separately.

We always strive to have the cheapest price on ALL items, but should we miss out and you unexpectedly find a cheaper price in another online store in the EU, simply contact us to have the price matched here at

*For us to match the price, the item must be marked with PRICE GUARANTEE. You will find this on the product page right next to the price

How does the EU price guarantee work?


You are looking for a new floating product. You can find this for 100 EUR at an online store in Poland. At Flowlow we have the same floating product, but at a higher price of 120 EUR.

So - our price guarantee, which covers the entire EU - now means that you can get the same Floating product for 120 EUR  at Flowlow.

In order for us to ensure a fair comparison of prices, the given price must meet these individual requirements before you contact our us:

· In order to be able to buy the item at the lower price, you must contact us.
· When you contact us, you must have documentation for the price to be matched, as well as show that the item is in stock. This can be in the form of a link to the website.
· The price we match must include the delivery price in cases where the price of the item + the shipping price is over EUR 50. Since purchases over EUR 50 include shipping.
· The item on Flowlow must be marked with the price guarantee icon.
· The item must be in stock in the store or online store we match.
· The item must be completely identical in both color and EAN (bar code).
· The price guarantee only covers goods that are subject to Danish rules for VAT, customs, warranty and consumer protection.
· The price guarantee applies to goods that are actually available.
· The price guarantee does not include queue offers, bundle offers, campaigns, discount codes and/or in the case of offers with limited quantities.
· The price guarantee does not apply to offers that require membership such as shopping associations or any form of payment to access the offer.
· Since the price guarantee is a service offered to private customers, this is reserved for one piece per customer and is then matched.

Please note that the price guarantee and the above apply to purchases made on - and not at stores in other countries or the physical stores.

Special info:

All our prices in the webshop are stated in Danish kroner and are all inclusive of VAT.

However, if a price has not been updated and corrected on Flowlow due to internal errors, the correct price must still be followed. In the event of such an error, you have the option to cancel the order at no cost to you.
Any shipping costs will be added online, but no additional fees will be charged