viser vores svævende skodisplay i aktion, hvor et par stilfulde sko svæver og roterer i luften. Det lysskiftende display fremhæver skoens detaljer og tilføjer en magisk effekt
her kan du se skodisplayet fra en anden vinkel, hvor det fremviser et par elegante højhælede sko. Den svævende effekt og de skiftende farver skaber en fascinerende visuel oplevelse
skodisplayet i et professionelt butiksmiljø, hvor det tiltrækker opmærksomhed fra kunderne. Den innovative og unikke fremvisning af skoene skaber et imponerende blikfang i butikken

Flowlow - Levitating Shoe Display: Elevate Your Footwear Showcase

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Product description

Elevate Your Shoe Showcase
Transform your shoe presentation with this elegant, magical display. Designed to captivate and enchant, our Levitating Shoe Display is the ultimate way to showcase your favorite pairs, leaving you and your audience speechless.

Mesmerizing Floating and Rotating Feature
Watch in awe as your shoes float and rotate in mid-air, creating a stunning visual effect that highlights every angle. This unique feature ensures your footwear stands out in any setting, providing a functional and visually captivating display.

Dazzling LED Lighting
Enhance the enchantment with a range of impressive LED colors. The display can light up in various hues, setting the perfect mood and adding an extra layer of sophistication to your shoe showcase.

Unmatched Charm and Appeal
You'll be captivated by the unique charm of this display, making it irresistible to show off your shoes to the world. Its combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal makes it a must-have for any shoe enthusiast.

Showcase Your Shoes in Style
Step up your shoe game and present your footwear in the most extraordinary way possible. Order your Levitating Shoe Display today and bring a touch of magic to your shoe collection.

  • Material: A BS plastic, silver, PCB, coil, magnet.
  • Frame size: 44x41.7x7.1 cm
  • Shoe weight: 300-600g
  • Shoe size: 32x15 cm
  • Adapter: AC 12V 1000mA
  • Package size: 51x49x14 cm
RoHS and CE Marking

At Flowlow, our products are CE and RoHS certified, which means they meet high standards for safety, health and the environment. The CE marking shows that our products meet the European requirements for safety, health and the environment, and they can be sold in the EU and EEA countries. The RoHS certification guarantees that our products do not contain harmful substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium and that they are more environmentally friendly.

By purchasing CE and RoHS certified products from FlowLows, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a product that is safe to use and better for the environment.

Additional information
  • Keep at least 20 cm away from electronic devices
  • Not suitable for individuals with pacemakers
  • Cleaning (when not in use): Wipe with a damp cloth
  • For indoor use only Avoid metal objects nearby
  • Decoration: Living room, bedroom, home, office, gift.